The Ethical Tea Partnership runs three main sustainability programmes to improve the social and environmental conditions on tea estates, factories, and gardens. Monitoring & certification, Producer Support and Strategic Sustainability

Monitoring & certification

The monitoring programme, which have been running since 1997, helps tea producers address issues and meet international social and environmental standards. The programme is free to producers and audits are conducted by third-party independent auditors.

Producer Support

ETP provides training and support in 5 key areas that producers often find difficult:

Factory health & safety
Fair treatment of workers
Agrochemical management
Environmental Management
The training programmes help management understand their responsibilities to workers and the environment. Other training, such as Safe Use of Pesticides, ensures workers keep themselves and others around them safe.

Strategic Sustainability

ETP tackles a number of complicated issues that go beyond the normal scope of monitoring, auditing, and certification.  Issues include climate change, social development, and supporting smallholder communities. These work programmes are helping to safeguard future tea supply and livelihoods. Examples of these projects include: Helping smallholder farmers to adapt to climate change, Improving smallholder farmers’ livelihoods, 

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