We are proud to serve customers all over the world and on this page we will give you an idea about how much tea and accessories you can buy in order to get more value for your freight money. Please note that deliveries to countries outside the European Union is free of Danish VAT, which means a 20 % deduction. Below you can see how much you can order and at what rates. Our webshop will automatcally calculate the freight rate.

Please keep in mind that we need approimately 200 grams for the packing materials.

Quantity:       0 –  800 grams 
                 800 –  1800 grams 
               1800 –  2800 grams
               2800 –  3700 grams
               3700 –  4700 grams
               4700 –  5600 grams

Destination Base price Per Kilo 
Europe – Express 152,50 12,50
Europe – Budget 140,50 11,00
Rest of the world – Express 198,00 58,00
Rest of the world – Budget 167,00 28,00
Europe outside the EU – Express 154,00 14,00
Europe outside the EU – Budget 144,00 12,00

The teas are packed in aroma sealed bags in order to make sure that no other flavours are added. When you place your first order, you are automatically registered in our customer index in order to simplify future orders. All information is handled with great care ! The minimum quantity is 500 grams and 100 grams of each tea. Payment from abroad is easily made with credit cards.

Delivery time:
To Denmark : 1-3 work days
To Europe: 4-6 work days
Rest of the World:  6 work days (to the border, )

We are looking forward to sending you a great cup of tea.