Here you will find a quick introduction on how to make a perfect cup of tea. It is not difficult and it takes very little time to make a nice cup of tea.

Black tea
1. Use water from the cold tap and let it boil.
2. The fresh boiling water is then infused with tea leaves floating directly in the tea pot
3. Let the tea infuse for 6 min.( teas with acids) eller 8-10 min (teas without accids)
4. Stir.
5. If the tea contains acids like a Ceylon or a Assam tea, the tea leaves must now be removed. Teas with no acids like chinese teas can stay in the tea pot. These teas never get bitter.
6. Your tea is ready

Tea: 2 grams of tea for 1 cup or 10 grams for 1 liter.

Green tea
1. Use water from the cold tap and let it boil. .
2. Let the water cool down to 70 / 80 degrees C. by letting it rest for 5 minutes.
3. Pour the water over the tea leaves, which must be floating freely in the tea  pot
4. Let the tea infuse for the 6 to 7 minutes.

Please use approximately 1 gram for 1 cup.

All Chinese, Tawanese and japanese teas contain no accids, and all our scented teas contain no acids.