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Organic Green Christmas Tea

8.10 per 100g.

China Tai Ping Hou Kui Organic

21.60 per 100 g.

Organic Nepal Emerald Needle

10.12 per 100 g.

Organic Green Kukicha

10.12 per 100 g.

Organic Green Colombia

13.50 per 100 g.

Organic Matcha Uji


Perchs Ice Tea 2021


Organic Matcha TOP


Organic Ceylon Heaven Scent

9.72 per 100 g.

Organic Top Sencha

21.60 per 100 g.

Yellow Sun

12.82 per 100 g.

White Monkey

12.82 per 100 g.

Organic Sencha Arata

8.77 per 100 g.

Long Jing

22.27 per 100 g.

Organic Gyokuro Furoumon

33.07 per 100 g.

Green Gunpowder

5.94 per 100 g.

Green Yunnan

7.83 per 100 g.

Organic Green Vietnam

6.75 per 100 g.

Organic Green Korea

8.10 per 100 g.

Organic Green Darjeeling

6.75 per 100 g.

Organic Green Tanzania

7.42 per 100 g.

Globe Tea

13.50 per 100 g.

Green Genmaicha

7.42 per 100 g.

Formosa Fragrant Jade

15.52 per 100 g.

Chun Mee

5.94 per 100 g.

Organic Gu Zhang Mao

7.42 per 100 g.

Green tea is known for its pure taste and beautiful color. The green tea leaves are grown in plantations in many places in Southeast Asia, where they are harvested and processed before being transported to Denmark. Green tea is a pure natural product and is often referred to as ‘the original tea’. It undergoes short-term steaming or roasting, which closes the leaf cells and ensures its fresh taste.
A.C. Perch’s Teashop offer a broad variety of green tea, all of which give unique tastes. You can read more about the green teas and buy them online right here on the website.