You can get a number of tea canisters at A. C. Perch’s, from tea canisters for everyday use to unique tea canisters with a special design. In this post you will get a little insight into our selection of tea canisters. Please note that not all of the tea canisters we present in this article are still available at A.C. Perch’s.


Tea canisters for everyday use

A.C. Perch’s sell tea canisters in various designs for everyday use. Our new tea canisters in pastel colours are perfect for storing the tea you enjoy everyday. The tea canisters can contain 100 to 200 grams of tea, and they are easy to stack so that you can have quite a lot of tea in a small space. The well-known A. C. Perch’s logo is, of course, a part of the tea canisters’ appearance, which, like all our of our tea canisters, is light and airtight.

If you do not like the circular design, our popular square tea canisters are also available. These tea canisters can be found in a variety of beautiful colours, including pink, deep red, black and dark purple. Some colours have been discontinued, such as our brown tea canister, while new ones have been designed, such as an orange tea canister. All the tea canisters carry the A.C. Perchs logo, and they also have a narrow golden line that surrounds the lid as well as the foot of the tin canister.


Tea canister for your favorite teas

In addition to the everyday use, you can also find tea canisters designed specifically for a specific tea or tea blend. Our Herbal tea canisters are an example of these type of canisters.

They are designed for our popular herbal blends, and come in a slim cylinder shape with a simple silver edge on the lid. They are available in four variants: a fresh lime green for our Cool Herbal blend, a light baby blue for Herbal Oriental Boost, a purple for Herbal Smooth Ginseng and a clear orange for Herbal French Masala.

All of our Herbal tea canisters bear the name of the blend they contain.

In addition to our special designs for our herbal blends, you can also also find a square tea canister for other popular blends such as Afternoon Blend, White Temple, Green Bamboo, Cape Town Blend and Indian Summer. These tea canisters are all dark in the base color with a recognizable lid in a color selected for the specific blend. On the front of the tea canister you see the name of the blend for which it has been designed.


Tea canisters in unique designs

A. C. Perch’s have throughout the ages sold several tea canisters for special occasions or in unique designs. A good example is our tea canister that comes in imitation silver and with our logo added to it. The nostalgic design made this tea can be one of our popular models. However, this is one is no longer available.

Another model that has been in great demand is the miniature version of the transport boxes that our tea is stored in on their journey to the small tea store in Kronprinsensgade. This is in wood with metal fittings and a painted logo in black. This tea canister is sold out at the moment, but they should be back in stock in the future.

Finally, we are proud of our 175 year anniversary canister that comes in a classic black design with room for 250 grams of tea. The tea canister is designed with a golden edge and a logo in beautiful golden print.