We offer more than 150 different kinds of tea in Perch’s Tea Room, and that, of course, brings a certain question to mind: “What to choose?”. Are you into traditional teas, or are you seeking a new tea with a fruity flavour? In this post you will get an overview of the different types of tea we serve in Perch’s Tea Room.

White tea

The white teas are for those who like a gentle taste with elegant nuances. The white teas go through a very short production session and are considered among the finest teas due to a relatively short harvest, which occurs within a limited period of time. This ensures that demand generally exceeds supply. In the past, white teas were meant for royalty and nobles in China.

Green tea

Green tea it is perceived as the original tea. The green teas have a bit more powerful taste compared to the white teas. They are characterized by a pure and delicate flavour. They are often harvested later than the white teas, and they are through a slightly longer production process than the white teas, which matures their natural flavour. If you would like to know more about the health-promoting properties of green tea, we recommend you to search online. Unfortunately, as a company, we are instructed not to comment on the content of different antioxidants.

Oolong tea

For those who would like to have a mild and rounded tea, semi-fermented Oolong would be a good choice. Oolong teas are considered as a type of tea in between black and green tea, and they are to be enjoyed without milk. The Chinese Oolong teas are often less fermented and thus less powerful than the Taiwanese Oolong teas. Oolong tea has a brighter color than the fully fermented black tea. We highly recommend to serve Oolong in a glass to enjoy the beautiful, warm color characterized by Oolong tea.

Black tea

Black teas have gone through the longest production process, and therefore they are often considered strong in flavour and bouquet. This type of tea is undoubtedly the most popular among Europeans, who pretty much invented black tea during the colonial times. The level of tannin is higher in black tea compared to the other tea types, which make this type of tea good for milk, sugar and lemon.

The exotic blends

Fruit tea

Perch’s offers several delicious tea blends containing dried fruit and a lovely fruit flavouring as for excample orange tea, lemon tea, mango tea and blackcurrant tea. You have plenty of choices when it comes to delicious fruit teas. We recommend fruit teas for those who are seeking a mild and sweet tea with a lovely fruity aroma.

The blends

If you want to have a more unconventional cup of tea, our Pina Colada blend with coconut and pineapple, is an obvious choice. Furthermore we have a delicious Cream tea, a filthy Dark Chocolate tea and a very tasteful Choc-Mint blend in our assortment.

Herbal tea

If you would like a good herbal tea, we can recommend peppermint tea, rosehip tea, chamomile tea or hibiscus tea. In addition, one of our most popular blends is a herbal tea with a sweet taste of licorice root, lemon grass, peppermint and apple. All herbal teas are decaffinated.