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Sustainability policy

Success is created through sustainable production, and with respect for the individual employee

Sustainability Policy –  A.C. Perchs Thehandel

At A.C. Perchs Thehandel we are committed to working towards a more sustainable tea
industry. This means good and meaningful sustainability practices that aim to reduce the
environmental impacts of all our activities. Whilst focusing on ensuring that our products are
safe and of high quality, we consistently work alongside those seeking to promote
sustainability in our supply chain. All our suppliers must follow our code of conduct in order
to source products for our company.

Our Environment & Sustainability Policy is based upon the following principles:

• Our buying process aims to ensure responsible sourcing from certified gardens.
• To comply with applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice.
• To ensure that all staff are aware of our Environment & Sustainability Policy and are
committed to implementing and improving it.
• To review and to continually strive to improve our sustainability performance.
• Promote responsibility for the environment within the organization and to
communicate and implement this policy at all levels within the workforce.
• Encourage our own and our customers to use compostable packaging materials for as
many of the products as possible. (Our teabags are plastic free and made of
compostable and biodegradable materials.)
• Reduce the use of energy, water and other resources.
• Minimize waste by arranging for the reuse or recycling.
• Where possible we shall avoid physically travelling to meetings etc. where alternatives
such as teleconferencing & video conferencing are available and practical.
• Ensure that our policies and services are developed in a way that is complimentary to
this policy.

A.C. Perchs is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership

We are proud to be part of the Ethical Tea Partnership, which aim is to drive forward longterm,
systemic change across three thematic areas in tea – economics, equality and
environment. With programmes across Africa and Asia, ETP also leads the sustainability
agenda through piloting business innovations and influencing policy.

Bhakanje Tea Estate Project

In collaboration with Himalayan Project and Human Practice Foundation we have founded
and opened the highest Tea Estate in the world in Bhakanje in Nepal. The Tea Estate
supports the local community with a sustainable tea production that is sold at A.C. Perch’s
tea shop as Human Empowerment Tea. 100% of the profit is reinvested in the community.
Project start 2016.

Copenhagen Pride

A.C. Perchs is product partner of Copenhagen Pride. Copenhagen Pride is a great way of
celebrating freedom, equality and human rights, and we are proud to announce that we
again are official product partner of Copenhagen Pride 2023. At A.C. Perchs Teashop
diversity and inclusion is a natural part of our every day, but there is still much to be done
in terms of equality and freedom around the world. Even though there is more focus on
equality today, everybody regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or lifestyle, should have
the possibility to fulfil their dreams. Diversity and inclusion are high on our agenda and
involves all employees and teams in our old company and Copenhagen Pride brings focus to
these fundamental human rights.

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