We are delighted to announce that the factory has now been completed and is ready. The building has just been reviewed and looks very nice. The only thing missing now is flooring, plastering of plinth as well as downpipes and gutters, which we set in motion as soon as the monsoon begins to subside in September. The generator house is also finished, with lots of ventilation air under the roof, exhaust pipes and port of remaining skylight plates. “Sanitary Complex” has also got a roof on, but lacks the cladding of the rafters and the setting up of the gutter, which will happen within the next few weeks. In September we get a mechanic to establish water supply and washing facilities.

The water tower is also finished and the water supply is coming from a village project, but must first be finished during the Fall. We will soon get started with electrical installation, and we will get an electrician from Kathmandu to perform a complete installation. He will also explain to 2-3 locals how the entire network works. We are hoping that the machines we have ordered in April will be delivered to Nepal in mid-June, after which they must be transported. The monsoon season has been bad in Nepal this year, which might cause some problems, but we are doing everything we can to make the transport of the machines happen by the beginning of July.

A small booklet has been published in English about the production and workflow of the factory, which the oldest schoolchildren are taught about. The booklet has already played an important role in the pupils ‘ commitment and interest in tea production, and they have asked for an excursion to the factory so that they can see and experience it with their own eyes. In cooperation with the school’s teachers, a second small booklet in Nepali is currently being worked on, describing a year in the tea fields, for the school’s smaller classes.