Here you will get an accurate description of how to prepare a good cup of tea. This is how you get the right cup of tea with the art of tea brewing.

When brewing a good cup of tea, first consider what type of tea you are dealing with. Black tea must be prepared in a different way than green and white. The way tea leaves are treated is different, and therefore has an influence on how the types of tea should be brewed. Black tea needs boiling water to fully open the leaves. Green and white tea can tolerate temperatures as low as 60-70 degrees. Below you can read more about the brewing of the different types of tea.

  1. Water from a cold tap is brought to boil.
  2. The freshly boiled water is poured directly into the teapot, where the leaves float freely.
  3. The tea draws about 6 minutes (tea with tannic acids) or 8-10 minutes (tea without tannins)
  4. Stir in the tea pot.
  5. If it is a tea with tannins, the tea is now decanted onto a preheated teapot, so that the leaves will stay in the first tea pot. Tea without tannic acids should not be decanted.
  6. The tea is now ready.

Portion: 1 measuring spoon / 2 grams per cup or 10 grams per liter.

  1. Water from a cold tap is brought to boil.
  2. Let the water cool for about 5 minutes until the temperate reaches about 70 – 80 degrees
  3. The water is poured over the freely flowing leaves in the teapot and the tea draws as prescribed (different infusion time for many of these teas). All Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese teas are without tannins, as well as all our fruit teas.
  4. The tea is now ready.

Goals: very different from tea to tea – feel free to ask our staff about this.

If you have more questions about the art of tea brewing, we are always ready in stores to guide.