Perch’s has the perfect tea bag solution for you! We don’t only offer tea for you to enjoy at home – we have also developed solutions which are perfect for the office.

Pyramide tea bags

Our solution to business and to those who want to enjoy a good cup of tea at work is exclusive pyramide tea bags of sustainable material (corn starch). The bags developed by A. C. Perch’s Thehandel ensure you a great experience with your favorite tea.

They leave no taste of cellulose, as can be the case with the use of paper bags, and they allow the tea to develop its full bouquet. This means that the taste from all types of tea leaves is effectively transferred to the water in which they are prepared.

Several of our teas are broad-leafed teas (high grown), which have previously been difficult to pack in bags, without crushing the leaves. With A. C. Perch’s pyramid tea bags this is possible. You are thus guaranteed a pure taste experience when you enjoy the tea regardless of whether the mixture leaves are cut fine or wide.

Our bags are packed individually to avoid the bouquet from being destroyed when packed with other types of tea. Perch’s tea bags are a perfect fit for a busy and individualized everyday life, where you want to be able to offer a good cup of tea for customer meetings or for the office staff.

Present your tea in style

Office spaces have various looks, which is why we of course offer different presentation boxes for the workplace. However, they all have the classic design in common. For example, get a stylish, white wooden presentation box with room for 45 tea bags.

You can see all our presentation boxes here and get an overview of the many teas we offer in the unique pyramid tea bags here.