Tea of the highest quality

Welcome to A.C. Perchs Teashop. Fast delivery of the best teas imported from a selection of dedicated plantations worldwide. We offer a large selection of all kinds of teas. We are Scandinavia’s oldest tea business and have served our fantastic customers since 1835 with the best quality of teas. You will find a large selection of both green tea, white tea, black tea, oolong, flavored teas, organic teas, chai tea. Right here in our webshop you can also buy accessories for your afternoon tea, teapots and cakes.

In Copenhagen, Niels Brock Perch opened the store at the address in Kronprinsensgade 5, where it still stands, dating back to 1835. The inspiration came from his father, who was a merchant and bought from the ships that brought goods home from the Far East. Besides the addition of electric lights, the store is completely as it was back then still with the same charming interior. In 1894, the Hincheldey family took over the business, which today is run by the 4th generation. Throughout all the years, the focus has been the same; personal service at a high professional level and tea of ​​the best quality. A.C. Perchs Teashop also has stores in Oslo and Japan and an extensive webshop that delivers to the whole world. The selection is black, green, white, oolong, organic and herbal teas as well as beautiful mixtures adapted to the different seasons. They can also find delicious gift boxes for a special occasion, just as you can order this year’s Christmas calendar with 24 exciting tea surprises. In our range you will also find all accessories for tea brewing, including teapots, teacups, tea filters etc. They will find brewing instructions and tips for brewing under each individual tea. Click on a category in the menu and buy the beautiful teas in the webshop.