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What is a thermos bottle for tea?

Thermos bottles are practical containers, often in a slim form. With a thermos bottle you can easily keep the temperature of your tea when you are on the go or just have a busy everyday life.
Typically, a thermos bottle is made with a double-walled design and a vacuum between the walls, which prevents heat transfer. A thermos bottle consists of two parts, the bottle itself and a screw cap that seals tightly to prevent air from entering or exiting. Many thermos bottles for tea contain a tea filter, also called a tea infuser, so the tea can be brewed on the go.

If you need to brew more than 500 ml of tea at a time, we can also offer a selection of fine teapots.

Why use a thermos bottle?

A thermos bottle is ideal for tea lovers on the go or in the busy everyday life. You maintain the temperature of the tea for several hours, so you can enjoy your hot drink anytime, anywhere. At the same time, the taste and aroma are maintained, so you can enjoy all the nuances without having to brew a fresh cup of tea.

In addition, a thermos bottle is lightweight and durable, making it perfect to bring to work or on long trips.

Perchs Tea Brewer – thermos bottle with built-in tea filter / tea infuser

Perch’s Tea Brewer is more than just a thermos bottle. It is equipped with a convenient, built-in tea filter, which allows you to brew your favorite tea directly into the bottle. The tea filter is also called a tea infuser. Whether you prefer loose tea leaves or tea bags, our Tea Brewer makes it easy to prepare a perfect cup of tea, anytime, anywhere.

Our Tea Brewer thermos bottle is available with a capacity of 500ml, making it ideal for individual use. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring exceptional durability and superior insulation that retains heat in the tea over longer.

Perch’s Tea Brewer stands out for its elegant design and practical features. It is easy to use, easy to clean and perfect for both everyday life and travel. With its sleek shape and stylish finish, it is also an aesthetic addition to your tea experience.

Explore the difference with Perch’s Tea Brewer and let’s make your tea drinking an even more enjoyable and convenient experience.

Decorative and unique thermos bottle from Perchs

With a choice of different decorative patterns and vibrant colours, each thermos bottle from Perchs is unique and eye-catching. They are designed to add a touch of charm and originality to your daily tea routine, whether you are heading to the office, on a weekend getaway or just relaxing at home.

Our thermos bottle has a comfortable size of 500 ml, which makes it easy to carry around and easy to clean by hand. The amount is roughly equivalent to two cups of tea.

A thermos bottle from Perchs is not just about functionality, but also about a decorative, unique and practical way to keep your favourite tea warm.

Clean your thermos bottle easily by hand

Keeping your thermos bottle clean and ready to use is essential to ensure an optimal taste experience with every cup of tea. At Perchs, we understand this and our thermos bottles are therefore easy to clean by hand.

Perchs thermos bottles are constructed with a sleek design and minimal number of components, making them incredibly easy to clean. Stainless steel, which is the primary material in our thermos bottles, is not easily discolored by the tea, and is so hardy that all stains can be easily removed.

To clean your thermos bottle by hand, simply disassemble the few components, rinse them under warm water and use a mild soap. After cleaning, the parts simply air dry before reassembling. This ensures that your thermos bottle is always clean and ready to brew a perfect cup of tea.

It is important to note that regular cleaning of your thermos bottle extends the life of the product and ensures that every cup of tea you brew meets your expectations.

Our thermos bottles cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher.