Påskete – A Celebration of Spring and Tradition

With Easter just around the corner, we welcome, true to tradition, Perch’s Easter Mix Happy Easter.

The tea is a mixture of Chinese white and green tea with sweet and fruity notes. It goes well with the mildness of spring and contains, among other things, pineapple, mulberry, apple, papaya and jasmine flower.

The Easter mix is packed in a new iconic can with an accompanying box in Easter colors. It is a beautiful feature on the Easter table and in spring, and a nice alternative to the classic Easter egg.

White and green tea

Perch’s Easter mix is a blend of Chinese white and green tea. The green tea is produced in many places in Southeast Asia. in China, Japan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, but in very different ways. In China, traditional production methods are still widely used, especially by small producers who let the tea dry on mats under the sun’s rays.

As with green tea, white tea undergoes a short processing process: steaming and drying so that the leaves retain as many healthy properties as possible. In fact, white tea is the least processed tea.

When you make white teas, you pick the top, tender leaf buds – just before they unfold into a leaf. Because the leaves must be as fledgling as possible, picking takes place only a few days a year. Too much water during this period can ruin the harvest. The harvest often happens early in the morning, since the buds are still well protected from the sun at that time.

The white teas are light and elegant in their taste, which makes them particularly sought after. In the last ten years, it has also become more common to aromatize the white teas.

  • Iconic Happy Easter Perch’s Easter Mix in Iconic tin, representing our classics as well as the different seasons. The teas are carefully selected and the series are produced in limited batches.
  • Weight claimed Perch’s Easter mix in bulk.
  • Easter mix in gift can contains 125 g of tea packed in a green can and yellow gift box. A great gift idea for a loved one or for yourself.

Easter table with the colors of spring

Spring offers beautiful colors that we like to bring inside and use to decorate the Easter table. At the same time, the colors create warmth and joy.
And just the enjoyment of a cup of tea is far more than the glorious drink. It is also very much about the actual setting with the beautiful teapot and frame.
Use the colors of spring to create a wonderful Easter table at home.