Our first store and Tea Room outside Denmark

Shop and Tea Room

We look forward to wishing you welcome to Perchs Teashop in Oslo.

In November 2014, A.C. Perchs opened a store in Steen and Strøm’s Food Court. Within a few years it became evident that demand among Norwegian customers was present, but unfortunately our teas did not come to their right in an environment surrounded by other strong flavourings. At A. C. Perchs, the tea is not just enjoyed, but also observed and smelled.

It was therefore with great pleasure that A. C. Perchs in November 2017 could open our own Teashop and Tea Room in Kirkegata 5, Oslo.

As with our store in Aarhus, we wanted to recreate the A. C. Perch spirit, but at the same time use and involve the surroundings we were in. Our soft, distinctive furniture, our gold-colored wallpaper and competent staff therefore wish you welcome to a world where tea is in the high seat.

As you sit back and enjoy a well-poured cup of tea, you can have fun with anecdotes from great personalities who have tea as their favorite beverage, or you can let the peacefullness surround you.

Visit our stores on following addresses.

You can find us here

In addition to the store in Oslo, you will also find us centrally located in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Copenhagen Airport and Stockholm.


Kronprinsensgade 5
1114 Copenhagen K

Phone: +45 33 15 35 62 – 2
E-mail: [email protected]


Volden 3
8000 Aarhus

Phone: +45 33 15 35 62 – 4
Email: [email protected]


Flakhaven 1
DK-5000 Odense

Phone: +45 54 33 71 20
Email: [email protected]


Copenhagen Airport
Terminal 2


Nybrogatan 16
114 39 Stockholm

Phone: +46 795 853 406
Email: [email protected]