A.C. Perchs currently supports the help organization Not For Sales’ on-going projects where women are rescued from forced prostitution, and led to a free and decent life.

Most women come from poor areas of Eastern Europe and, in the hopes of a better existence, they have been trafficked into forced labour in the sex industry of Amsterdam. Not For Sale helps, among other things, women, with housing, social services and vocational training. In doing so, they are trained to seek a job and are mentally built up to a life where they can stand on their own feet.

Social Responsibility

Poverty is one of the main causes of human trafficking in our time. In Nepal, too many people live under extremely poor circumstances, and here the distant region of Solukumbu is among the most disadvantaged.

But fortunately there are possibilities right here in Solukumbu; The favorable climatic conditions and the high location at the foot of the Himalayas make it possible to grow and cultivate tea of an extremely high quality. In order for it to become a reality, Danish organizations are helping with establishing a tea plantation. By doing this, the tea can become the future source of income for local farmers and create job opportunities for future generations. Not For Sale Tea will be their first customer as soon as they are ready within the next few years. Until then, our the from Himalayan Tea producers Shangri La, which both supports the development of their local region and helps Solukumbu move forward in the ranks of quality in terms of tea producers from Nepal.

Luxury with excellent taste

In addition to supporting a good cause, there has been no compromise on the quality of Not For Sale Tea. That’s why we’ve chosen to call our tea a luxury tea, because that’s just what it is. The first variant of the tea is an excellent Nepali Earl Grey with a wonderfully soft flavor that is unique among organic teas.


Not For Sale Tea is naturally organic. This way, the Nepalese tea farmers achieve better economic and social life without burdening the land they are to live on for the future.


A.C. Perchs currently supports Not For Sales’ work by letting 100 % of the profits go to their efforts in fighting human trafficking. Not For Sale Tea is also working on creating a local commitment regarding this case.

The Danish aid organization Human Practice Foundation (HPF) is also a close partner of Not For Sale Tea. The HPF works on, among other things, establishing a tea plantation in Solukumbu, one of Nepal’s poorest regions. The aim of the project is to raise the local standard of living and to minimize the risk of human trafficking among the population.

The Teen Not For Sale Tea is specially selected by A.C. Perchs Tehandel and the tea is sold in our stores, webshop and directly to companies, organizations, restaurants, hotels etc.

Read more here: www.notforsaletea.com

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