Here is a small update from our tea project in Nepal with Bhakanje tea.

We will continue this development in the following years in order to gain a bigger production. We must continue to do so in the coming years so that we can get up to tea production volume. Right now we have an annual production of 100-300 kg depending on local weather conditions and Covid logistics challenges . On 21 June 2021, new tea cuttings were handed out. As many as 26,000 cuttings were brought home to Bhakanje Tea Estate’s gardens, and immediately planted out. Tomorrow, an additional 50,000 pieces will be distributed and the neighbouring municipality of Goli will have about 24,000. The Nepalese Ministry of Agriculture has helped with the purchase and the local tea farmers themselves have also provided a certain percentage. In the project, we emphasize personal commitment, and it seems like the cuttings are really good and strong. Right now, the monsoon weather is perfect for planting. The Bhakanje Tea Estates gardens stretch up to 2600 metres and are now the highest tea plantation in the world. Follow the project here on – there will be new teas every year. All made with the greatest love for the plant.

We have got the first harvests home, and the tea can be bought here.