In order to preserve the freshness, taste and smell of the tea, it is important that you store your tea correctly. If you follow a number of rules of thumb, you are on the right track and your tea will retain its taste for longer.

Their tea must be stored:

• Airtight

• Dry

• Dark

• Away from strong smelling food

• Cool

The many properties of the canister

You have several options to store your tea in accordance with the above advice. The ideal solution is, of course, to store your tea in a canister, as it itself meets the first four criteria for good storage.

It is airtight and ensures that the the tea stays dry while no light penetrates. In addition, it protects the tea from food with a strong smell such as garlic or other spices. The aromas of the highly smelling foods can interfere with the oils in the tea, thereby affecting both the freshness, smell and taste. With the canister, you make sure that you follow four out of five criteria for good storage of your the completely automatically. The only thing you need to do is to place the canister in a cool place.

In addition to the functional properties of the canister, it also has a number of emotional properties. The canisters are available in a variety of shapes, patterns and colours that can help complete your experience. Not only is it practical and meets most storage criteria, it can also act as a decorative item in your home, just as it can help to emphasize your identity as a tea drinker.

Zippered bags as an alternative

However, you also have other options for storing your tea correctly. Today it is easy to grab the so-called zipper bags that are completely airtight when they are closed. The zipper bags also have the smart function that they can be zipped up and closed again and again.

Most zip bags are temporarily transparent and therefore do not comply with the criterion that the tea should be stored dark. Therefore, be sure to place zipper bags with the dark and cool if you choose this option. The advantage of the zipper bag is that you can easily transport your tea if, for example, you need to take a bit of it to another company.

Shelf life and taste

It is one of the foods you may have lying around for a long time without worrying about the shelf life. The shelf life of the is typically 1-2 years, and it is not the case that your tea will be bad or otherwise get damaged if you store it correctly. Even if you do not store the tea correctly, it can easily be drunk long after your purchase, you only run the risk of losing its scent, taste and freshness relatively quickly.

If you would like to do a little extra to allow the tea to last even longer, you can make sure not to open the canister or bag with the tea more than is necessary, as it will lose a bit of flavour each time the canister is opened.

If you comply with the rules of thumb for how to store your tea correctly, you ensure that your tea tastes fresh every time you make a cup.

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