The Orthodox classical black teas are all judged by quality, taste and leaf size, and in order to clarify the drawn letter codes of some of the teas, we bring here a brief explanation of these codes.

B- Broken ( the blade has been rolled and chopped into pieces)
D- Dust (not quite dust but almost, very powerful and not very aromatic)
PF- Fanings (the leaf size just after dust, often gives a powerful tea)
F- Finest (finest)
F- Flowery (floral aromatic bouquet of top shoots with leaf buds)
G- Golden (contains golden aromatic top shoots)
O- Orange (is a term for higher quality and “orangey” taste/bouquet)
P- Pekoe (large leaf, often openwork and not rolled quite so fine)
T- Tippy (contains bright exceptional top shots)

For example Darjeeling FTGFOP – Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe or Ceylon BOP- Broken Orange Pekoe.

The selection

At Perch’s Thehandel, we spend a very long time selecting the right teas that are qualitatively top notch. The tea tasting and the techniques behind it form the framework of the old business. The teas are tasted against each other and evaluated before the right tea is selected. We never compromise on quality, regardless of whether we have to do without a tea in our assortment for a certain period of time.