There are incredibly many variations of tea, and Darjeeling is one of the types you should know. In this post we focus on the fine tea from India, that pleases people from all over the world.

The area of Darjeeling, which has given the name to the tea, became world-renowned after the British colonial powers moved here and began to produce black tea in great style.

It turned out that this particular part of India was exceedingly suited to tea production, and Darjeeling tea, which was cultivated here, quickly became an amazing business and a desired beverage. Surprisingly for many, the initial incentive to start growing tea in this part of India did not have the slightest to do with economic profit – on the contrary, it was the desire to be able to supply the British soldiers, with a nice cup of tea.

Picking Darjeeling

The fine, fresh taste of Darjeeling tea has since become a favourite among Europeans – but why? It is linked to the special soil and the humid and sunny climate that exist in the Darjeeling area, which creates a unique opportunity to cultivate a fine and elegant tea.

In Darjeeling they pick the tea four times a year. First Flush is, of course, the first Spring pick, which begins at the end of February and ends in mid-April.

This is replaced by a short ‘in between’ pick, followed by a Second Flush, which lasts from mid-May to early July. The last pick is called “autumnal” because it extends into the autumn. The teas that originate from this pick, are often the ones with the most powerful taste and are the most broad-leafed among the four types.

A brand worth protecting

Darjeeling has earned a special status among the black teas, and this means that the Darjeeling tea has sometimes been mixed with other black teas and sold as pure Darjeeling, for the relatively high price often associated with this tea.

Of course, it has created frustration among the plantation owners who actually produce 100 % pure Darjeeling and who want to protect the brand of the Darjeeling tea. The Darjeeling Tea Association has therefore been formed with the purpose of making sure that the being sold as pure Darjeeling is actually the real deal.

Very First Flush – a coveted drink

Darjeeling is known as the answer to Champagne within the world of tea, and First Flush Darjeeling is undoubtedly the most sought after of its kind. Many tea-enthusiasts look forward with longing to this first harvest, which produces a tea of particularly fine, light and sweet character.

Of course, the First Flush Teas are found in several different variants and qualities depending on the plantation they are picked from and the unique climatic conditions that have occurred in a given season. They are generally referred to as some of the most interesting teas among true experts who enjoy the delicate and elegant bouquet with the many gentle and sweet aromas.