Our oldest shop in central Copenhagen

Feel the atmosphere of 1835

A.C. Perchs, Copenhagen

In April 1835 Niels Brock Perchs opened a small teashop in Kronprinsensgade 5. This was named after his third oldest son, Axel Christian Perch. By opening this shop, the aim was to sell the best teas from all over the world, as well as a bit of porcelain.

A. C. Perch’s Teashop has almost always been a family company, where there have sometimes been three generations behind the counter. High quality requirements and serious professional service have always been the highest goal of the business, and A. C. Perch’s Teashop has enjoyed serving seven generations since 1835.

Perchs Tea Room

The idea behind Perch’s Tea Room was to create a space where the tea was in focus and where everyone, businessmen and young as well as older generations, should be able to meet and enjoy the world of tea under the same roof. It was important to create an atmosphere of calmness and contemplation, where tea was in the forefront and where, with just a few steps, you could be pulled away from the hectic chores that occur in everyday life.

The décor had to be cozy and classy out of respect for the nearly 200 year old business. The salon should be a place where time stands still, and where the smell of the tea and scones makes you forget about shopping lists and unanswered emails.

Perchs Tea Room today invites you to be social and present and reminds us how important it is to take a second to appreciate the moment.


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