Chai tea is a sweet tea that originates in India, where it is typically prepared from a strong Assam tea with a variety of spices added, including cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. As a counterpart to the many spices, chai tea is usually brewed on milk, which gives it a creamy texture and a good balance between the sharp and mild flavors.

Chai tea has become very popular in Europe and the United States, after the latter adapted the Indian drink to the Western taste culture. Perch’s offers both Instant Chai and its own Chai blends if you are looking for a good Chai tea. They can be purchased online as well as in the store in Copenhagen.

Chai latte powder – instant chai

In a busy day at the office, it can be difficult to find time to brew a traditional cup of Chai tea, but luckily there is a tasty alternative in the form of Chai latte powder, where you get a ready-made mixture of Chai tea, spices, sugar and dried milk, which is mixed with hot water to make a cup of instant Chai latte.

Our instant Chai latte powder is an excellent and tasty choice when you need a quick and easy way to enjoy a cup of Chai tea.

Perch’s Instant Chai tea is made by drying the tea leaves and spices, so they can be easily dissolved in hot water. They should therefore not spend time brewing tea, but simply enjoy the tasty Chai tea.

The most common tea variant in Chai latte powder is black tea, but there are also varieties produced from green or white tea. You may also find that different flavourings such as vanilla or caramel have been added to the powder.

With the high quality and unique blend of spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and black pepper, as well as sugar, Perch’s instant Chai tea classic gives you the sweet and creamy classic taste.

So if you have a busy life and do not have time to brew a traditional cup of Chai tea, Perch’s instant Chai tea is a tasty alternative to enjoy a cup of Chai when it suits you.

How to prepare Chai latte tea with instant powder

Perch’s instant Chai tea can be prepared in under 1 minute. Steps: heat water to 80 degrees and add 25 g. Instant Chai per 1.5 dl water, stir the Chai mixture well and enjoy.

What is the difference between Chai tea and Chai latte?

Chai tea is a traditional Indian tea that is made with a blend of black tea, spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, and black pepper. A traditional Chai tea is usually without milk.

Chai latte is a modern variation where chai tea is mixed with warm milk and often also with a foam of skim milk. In Danish vernacular, the version with milk is the most well-known variation and is typically referred to as Chai.

The primary difference is that Chai latte is a version with milk and a froth of skim milk and Chai tea is a tea with spices only.

How De Chai tea brews

A cup of Chai tea is brewed like an ordinary tea, where the water is brought up to the boiling point of 100° after which you let the tea steep for 5-7 minutes.

If you want to brew a more traditional cup of Chai tea, you can choose to mix the tea with milk.

For best results, we recommend that you heat the milk slowly and let it soak with the spices. That way you get the full flavor out of your Chai tea.

It is important that the milk is kept at a temperature at max 80 – 90 degrees so that it does not come to a boil, otherwise it may cause the milk to burn.

Should you need to bring a little sweetness to your Chai tea, sweeteners such as honey, cane sugar, white sugar, brown sugar or other sugars can be a good choice for the spices in Chai tea.

How long should chai tea steep?

The steeping time of chai tea will vary depending on the spice blend and your taste, but we recommend that you let the chai tea steep for 5-7 minutes.

If you want a stronger tea, you can let it steep a little longer, however, it is important to note that tea with tannic acid can become bitter if it steeps for too long.

What Chai tea blends are there?

  • Indian Chai: We have put together an Indian Chai of Assam, cinnamon, orange peel, clove buds, fennel and juniper. Not infrequently, Chai is called the Cappuccino of tea.
  • Rooibos Sweet Chai: In addition to the base, which is a red Rooibos, this Rooibos blend contains ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla. Rooibos does not contain caffeine or tannins.
  • Luxury Chai: Perchs Luxury Chai is based on all the best of our French Masala Chai, Indian Chai and our Rooibos Sweet Chai. This mixture can be advantageously made with milk.
  • French Masala: Herbal teas based on cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and clove buds. This tea is a pure herbal tea and therefore does not contain caffeine.

In addition to our exquisite Chai blends, we have put together a black exclusive gift box with 4 cans of aromatic Chai tea:

Red canister 30 g. Darjeeling. A classic black tea from India.
Orange can of 40 g. Emperor tea. Mild, slightly rounded black tea from China.

Pink can of 40 g. Queens Blend. Black tea with green gunpowder tea and bergamot aroma.

Purple canister 40 g. Luxury Chai. Black tea from India, Rooibos and spices.

This exclusive gift box is a thoughtful gift for someone who loves Chai tea, as a hostess gift or an excellent introduction for you to the world of Chai tea.

Is there caffeine in Chai tea?

Yes, Chai tea, like both white tea, green tea and black tea, contains caffeine. The amount depends on the type of tea from which the chai tea is brewed. However, the amount is typically slightly lower than a regular cup of tea because Chai tea is mixed up with milk.

However, they can find several varieties of Chai tea that are decaffeinated, such as:

Rooibos Sweet Chai and other Rooibos variants.
French Masala and other Masala (Chai) flavors

They have the opportunity to enjoy a cup of hot Chai tea in the evening. The decaffeinated Chai teas all have an amazingly powerful taste, and can be brewed in the same way as a regular chai tea with caffeine.

How should Chai tea be stored?

We always recommend that tea is stored completely airtight and away from sunlight. This also applies to Chai tea. If you want to be absolutely sure that the taste and healthy properties are preserved, Chai tea should be stored in a cool place in airtight tea cans intended for the purpose, preferably in a refrigerator.

Once you have opened the package of Chai tea, you should drink it within a short time, as the freshness of the tea will decrease.