The tradition of drinking afternoon tea or afternoon tea dates back to 1840s England.

Thomas Twinning opened in 1717 the first real tea house in England, as time went on, he became Queen Victoria’s preferred tea supplier and later also the Prince of Wales’. Tea was now a well-established part of the life of the upper middle class, and the concept of “afternoon tea” became a phenomenon that would prove to be the crown jewel of British tea culture.

The Duchess Anna Ryssel, Duchess of Bedford, had an irresistible hunger in the early 1800s, which manifested itself between lunch and dinner. One afternoon, when hunger was really nagging, she had her servants provide tea and something to eat. The Duchess’s habit was quickly rumored in the social circle, and soon afternoon tea was an important part of the better bourgeoisie’s day program.

Initially, only finger sandwiches were served, but later the concept developed and scones and cakes followed suit. The Afternoon tea itself often consisted of a soft and elegant tea blend, which together with milk or sugar gave renewed strength between the day’s meals.

Perchs Afternoon Tea is lovely blend of Yunnan and white tea, with elderflower, pomegranate and vanilla added. Perchs offers “Afternoon Tea” packaged and delivered in a beautiful little can or as loose mix. They can buy it online or from us in the store in Copenhagen.

Inspiration for your Afternoon tea

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