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Our origin and history

Personal contact and serious professional service have always been the highest goals of the business. Today, A. C. Perchs Thehandel is pleased to have served seven generations since 1835

It was at Christianshavn that trade with the East began in earnest. In the second half of the 18th century, both trade and prosperity flourished in Christianshavn. This was not only because the Asian Company stayed here, but also because all the ships with goods from the far East docked in this area.

Asian Company, however, was not the only one selling home-brought goods on its operations. Many other merchants established themselves nearby, and they received goods from the company as well as from the captains who had the disposition of part of the ships’ cargo.

Among the most respected of these merchants was Jens Bay Perch, who drew great inspiration and help from the highly respected great merchant Niels Brock, with whom young Jens had been apprenticed. During his apprenticeship, Jens Perch had quickly gained respect among his fellow citizens, and in 1776 he started his first business in Christianshavn, not far from the small canals.

Jens Bay Perch chose to call his firstborn son, born in 1788, after his friend and merchant Niels Brock. Thus the son came to be called Niels Brock Perch. Perch his son was made for trade and in 1823 he opened his first retail store under Børsen, where Denmark’s first “supermarket” was housed. This is where, for the first time, small shops were designed side by side under the same roof.

In April 1835 Niels Brock Perch opened a small shop in Kronprinsensgade 5, where the shop is still housed today. The goal of the business was to sell the best teas from all over the world as well as a little bit of porcelain. He imported all the goods himself from the ships, which docked at Christianshavn.

Niels and his wife, Axeline had lost their firstborn son, and Niels Perchs therefore chose to call his shop after the couple’s third-oldest son Axel Christian Perch.

The Perch family had the shop until 1894, after which the Hincheldey family took over. In 1927, the teashop was handed over to one of the company’s – perhaps – most famous figures, namely Ludvig Hincheldey. The man for whom cracker flip and a great passion for tea were his landmarks. Ludvig Hincheldey never compromised on quality and rather failed to sell his goods if he had the feeling that these were not treated with respect.

In 2002, A. C. Perchs had the great honor of being appointed Royal Court Supplier. The company has for many years delivered it to the Royal Family, and the appointment has meant a lot to the business, which for 185 years has tried to protect old trading issues and good business ethics.

Today, A. C. Perch’s Thehandel is operated by the 5tth generation Hincheldey In addition to the electric light and a “newer” staff, the teashop to this day remains completely intact.

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