A world of chai

The tea we drink, and the way we drink it, changes all the time. As with many other drinks and eats, our keys for tea changes occasionally when we come across new products or cultures that develop our habits and preferences. One of the trends that really has stuck and which seems to have come to stay is Chai tea. The Chai tea originates from India and Pakistan, which is also called the Indian subcontinent.

The tea has become popular because it is rich and tasteful, while being mild and sweet at the same time. The Indians and Pakistanis achieve this balance by crushing cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, anise, ginger, pepper and leaves laurel, and then afterwards dry the spice mix in a pan. The spices are then mixed with a black tea. An Assam tea, for example.

This blend is boiled up with a fatty milk, so that the powerful spices get balanced out in a mild and delicious way. Many also add honey, which gives the chai tea a lovely sweetness.


Diverse and popular

In the Indian subcontinent, each region has its own version of the Chai tea, and therefore some mixtures will contain orange, apple or other ingredients that are distinct to this particular chai blend. The diversity of recipes gives the Chai tea a flexibility that makes it easily customizable in other cultures. It has made the Chai popular worldwide from Nepal across Europe and Scandinavia to the United States.

In Denmark, Chai latte has in particular become popular in cafes throughout the country as an alternative to the various types of coffee that are often found on the menu. Chai Latte is originally an Americanized version of the Chai, inspired by Caffe Latte. As with many other culinary practices being imported from the East to the West, the chai latte is somewhat milder than many of the original chai blends.

Chai has also become popular in an instant powder form that is easy to mix with preheated milk at home, but there are also many who have begun experimenting with making their own chai tea from scratch. Especially during the winter season and up to Christmas, the chai tea is delightful as a hot and energizing beverage that smells of Christmas and cosiness due to the many delicious spices we also know from Christmas goods. Therefore, Chai is also an obvious hostess drink for Christmas’s small gatherings.

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