Lovely tasters box with 12 different teas from our assortment. The box comes in Cherry Blossom or Green. In the box you will find eveything from black, green, white and herbal teas.

Afternoon Blend (7 g.) A mixture of black and white Yunnan tea with elderberry, pomegranate, cardamom, rose petals, pear and vanilla. Aroma: pear, vanilla, pomegranate. 100 °C water / 5 minutes.

Top Sencha (10 g.)Top quality mild Japanese Sencha. 8 g. pr. 200 lm. We recommend still water for this tea. 1st brewing: 70-80 °C water / 30- 60 seconds. 2nd brewing: 90 °C / 40 seconds.

Queens Blend (7 g.)A strong Earl Grey on a Ceylon base blended with green Chinese Gunpowder. Ingredients: Black Tea, Green Tea. Aroma: Bergamot. Brewing instructions: 100 °C water / 5 minutes.

White Temple (6 g.)Soft white tea with delicate exotic fruits. Ingredients: White Tea (China) (60 %), orange peel, papaya cubes (sugar), mango cubes (sugar), pineapple cubes (sugar), aroma, apricot (rise flour), red currant, passionfruit (glucose syrup, passion fruit juice concentrate), apricot pulp, modified starch, thickener E401), jasmine tea (green tea, jasmine plant part 2%), strawberry pieces. Nutrition Facts per 100 ml. Energy 7 KJ / 2 kcal. Fat < 0,1 g. – Saturated fat < 0,1 g. Carbohydrate < 0,1 g. – Sugar < 0,1 g. Protein 0,42 g. Salt < 0,01 g. Brewing instructions: 80 °C water / 5 minutes.

Crown Princess Blend (6 g.) – Light Earl Grey & lemon blend based on mild and soft Oolong tea. Ingredients: Oolong tea, black tea, bergamot aroma, lemon aroma, grape aroma, orange aroma. Brewing instructions: 100 °C water / 5 minutes.

Breakfast Tea (9 g.) Strong full body tea with a delicate flavour. Very good with or without milk. A typical breakfast tea. Contains: Black tea (India). Brewing instructions: 100 °C water / 5 minutes.

Green Fragant Formosa (11 g.) A very delicate tea with fantastic flavour and aromatic body. A connoisseurs dream. The golden yellow cup and gentle taste, makes this green tea reach heavenly heights. Contains: Ooloing tea, ligthly fermented (Taiwan). Brewing instructions: 80 °C water / 5 minutes

First Flush Darjeeling (7 g.)First Flush Darjeeling is often regarded as the champagne of black teas. First Flush Darjeeling has a very aromatic body and a fantastic flavor. Contains: Black tea (India). Brewing instructions: 100 °C water / 5 minutes.

Pearl Jasmin (10 g.) Very rare hand rolled tea with jasmine oils. The leaf comes from the white Chinese Dragon Phoenix. Top tea with a unique, mild, very aromatic taste. Pearl Jasmine Pearl is one of the world's finest delicacies, and most prized teas. Ingredients: Contains: Green organic tea 100%, jasmin flavor added via jasminflower, which is removed again. Brewing instructions: 80 °C water / 5 minutes.

Green Palace (7 g.)Green Sencha tea with soft notes of mango and lemon. Contains: Organic green tea from China, Green organic Wu Lu tea, Orange Peel (6%), Organic marigold petals. Natural flavor. Brewing instructions: 80 °C water / minimum 5 minutes.

Rooibos Buckthorn (8 g.)Fresh and sweet herbal tea with guava and buckthorn. Ingredients: Green Rooibos tea (72 %), buckthorn (20 %), pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar, acidifier: citric acid), guava pieces, carrot pieces, aroma, sunflower flowers, natural aroma, chokeberry pomace, marigold flowers. Nutrition Facts per 100 ml. Energy 0 KJ / 0 kcal. Fat < 0,5 g. – Saturated fat < 0,1 g. Carbohydrate < 0,5 g. – Sugar < 0,1 g. Protein 0,5 g. Salt < 0,01 g. Brewing instructions: 80 °C water / 5 minutes.

Cool Herbal (8 g.)Herbal tea of lemongrass, peppermint, liquorice root 48%, apple pieces 29%. Aroma: grapefruit, lemon. Brewing instructions: 100 °C water / 5 minutes.